free burgers

19 Oct

london 9.57pm 12C night friday 2018

tonights gardener program on tv featured a guy who grows apple trees and seeing all those lovely apples makes me crave eating some. so tomorrow i shall to go to asda and buy their gala apples £1 for 5(which they recommend is made into an apple pie, which seems a bit of a waste to me, because gala apples are lovely to eat by themselves. i would use bramley apples if i were to cook it in a pie) and also their variety apples, 75p for 500mg. they did not mention what type of apples so maybe they are relative unknown varieties. it will be interesting to try them, because i once ate a batch sold by lidls in their cheap 5 a day, no mention of what varieties they were and they were delicious. the best way to eat apples is as fresh fruits, without any cooking.

earlier i was at a pub near camden market, eating their free burgers. i was chatting to steve and his lady, i was early this time, earlier than them, so was able to reserve the head of the queue for them. i said burgers taste all the same to me… he said he can tell the difference, but i dont know how he could do it. these were cooked rare inside, which seems to be the trend nowadays with these more expensive burgers unlike macdonalds’; and were very salty, so not something i would eat everyday. and i got info from his lady about a freebie  that i was not aware of. so that was a good thing to know.

its quite fun to go to these places esp since it takes me to visit different parts of london that i would not normally go to at all. this one is nearer the chalk farm tube station than camden tube station. and i am beginning to recognise the regulars who come to these freebies. this time he was first in the queue. he is from goa, but grew up in uganda, and came to uk and became uk citizen when he was driven off from uganda. 



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