just an ordinary day

20 Oct

london 2.18pm 16C sunny saturday 2018 sunrise 7.33am, sunset 5.59pm

its another beautiful day, blue sky and sun and one that is still like that even now, unlike other days when it would start off promising but cloud over as the day wears on.

i went to the asda/lidl supermarkets in clapham junction to buy the gala apples. they are quite a good buy, almost 1kg for £1 for 6 apples. and gala apples are i think the go to for apples nowadays. they are very sweet and crunchy so what not to like. i bought 2 packs, and i saw they have the lancashire yogurt that i like selling for £1, instead of their usual price of £1.40. so i bought that too.

it was very busy in the asda, saturday seems to bring out a lot of people out grocery shopping. but their self service tills were very fast moving, even though about half were devoted to card only. on the bus back, i saw someone left a half eaten takeaway pack of ham sandwiches. it cost £2.20, and i was wondering who would buy and not finish it. i happen to look at the lady sitting next to me, and she caught my eye and almost like she read my mind, because she too nodded. but with her it was not someone not finish eating it, but leaving it on the bus. she said if she sees someone leaving that or throwing it on the floor, she would pick it up, and she said they get angry with her for doing that. instead of realising they are doing wrong, they feel she is criticising them and not liking it. i dont mind them leaving it on the bus because there are no rubbish bins anymore on the bus, but what i cannot figure out is why they leave it half uneaten. why buy it and not finish it , or bring it back to finish it. are people so rich? it is not the first time i see this. so it is not an isolated rare incident.

we were chatting on and she is saying the country is getting worse. but i did try to remind her that for us oldies, things are not too bad. and any changes wont affect us that much. and i mentioned that we got the free pass, free bus and tube travel all over london. and she mentioned that she only go hers recently. a friend helped her get it, because she did not know she can get it when she turned 60 . she showed the pass to me, and i see it is an oyster card, so she is not old enough for the freedom pass,the free  for england and wales bus only pass  which is only valid for people over 66yrs old i think. she is lucky to be living in london which has this over 60s free travel card pass. anyone living outside this london metropolitan area cannot get it. 

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