running into fellow freebies

23 Oct

london 12.32pm sunny 14C tuesday 2018 ageuk canteen

i have just been to a free vegan mac and cheese in farringdon.

whilst waiting, the guy who i know from the last freebie, that guy from goa, was just ahead of me, and he was the one who spotted me. we were wondering what is this vegan cheese they must be using as they are a vegan place. well i got to find out today. it is more like a sauce, and does not taste cheesy. i dont think they are successful in imitating the cheese taste.

so now i am at the ageuk canteen in their headquarters building in tavistock square. it is a very pleasant place to hang out. there is no hassle to buy anything, and they even provide microwaves for people to warm up their food. and i was looking at the notice boards and leaflets looking to see if they have put up their password to their wifi. and a lady asked me if i need any help. turns out she works there, even though she was using the microwave. anyway she offered to go to the desk and get the password and gave it to me printed on a piece of paper. it was a very long password with numbers and capital letters. 

added. 2.27pm 15.6C sunny virgin lounge haymarket

Well here i am in the lounge. and what do you know, when i came to the desk at the lounge and handed in my card, the lady just ahead of me turned round and exclaimed, you again!! i was surprised until i remembered she was one of those waiting in line and who hailed me when i took my cheese and mac at that free giveaway earlier today. she was a chinese lady, also from malaysia i recall, but lives in hounslow, west london (near heathrow airport). she was one of three malaysian ladies who do these freebies. the other two were not there today. she said there was supposed to be giving out a topping too and she took out her time out copy and showed it to me. it looks like there is a group of us who have found a new hobby in our retired old age. haha. going to freebies in and around london. though i have noticed in the latest round of freebies, that the places are asking us to buy a drink or another item to be eligible for the freebie. perhaps they are realising that we are not good customer material. haha. ah well, i suppose every good thing eventually come to an end. there will be one giving out free meatballs, but ask that we buy a drink or another item. so i simply did not put them in my diary. i prefer not to go so maybe they are right in doing it, they effectively screen out people like me.

i think it depands on what they are offering. i remember i took up the offer from a burger place, it was a free burger for a drink, (which costs £3) and i took them up on that offer. i thought it was still a good bargain, as you can order their double burger costing £12 and that was a very substantial meal. and the drink was a coffee that was unlimited refill, though i could only drink one refill which was very welcomed too. these things are very salty and can make u really thirsty. so it does depand on what the offer is. the one with the free meatballs did not look quite substantial enough for me.

ah well, it is all very lighthearted fun for me, and i hope these businesses really do well and thrive. i happen to pass the kim chee place, where they recently opened and gave us free lunch and it was rammed pack with people. it was lunch time and i am glad they are doing well.

though from what i can see on the bus and peeking inside the eating places lining the strand, (a street that runs towards trafalgar square) , every eating place seem to be jammed pack with people buying food… it seems to me u just have to open up a eating place for lunch in london and you will make a profit. everyone just wants to buy food for lunch, no one is home packing anything at all. it gives me the impression that everyone in london has money to burn. 



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