sleep,but no dreams

24 Oct

london 8.45pm 13.3C dry sunrise7:39 AM sunset5:48 PM wednesday 2018

was very sleepy the whole day but just could not sleep. my mind seem to be very active, and i kept thinking of things. but then i went to the circuit class, and did the exercise and i know that afterwards i will feel very sleepy and can sleep. and so that was what happened.

i came back and warmed up some leftover food to eat, because i had not eaten anything since breakfast this morning which  was just a bowl of porridge and an apple. and  after that, i went to bed and slept. really lovely to have a good sleep. it wasn’t a long sleep though, i think about 2hrs only. but it seemed to have done the trick. i feel very rested now. so that i can watch tv without feeling so sleepy. this time it was an old tv program about making crisp. i dont normally eat crisps, but watching that program make even me crave it. 

last week, the sports centre was supposed to be flooded, and the room we had the training was below ground and was flooded, or so they say, but there was no flood line on the walls, and no evidence that anything like that had happened. it was lucky that my friend david text me last wednesday and told me of it. it seems the trainer had my old mobile number, so i gave him my new number after the class.

it would seem that just doing some exercise can make me sleep really well. maybe that is a lesson for those who have insomnia. you need some physical activity to tire you out…and then you can sleep like a log.

9.30pm in fact, there is a program about insomnia on tv right now. but having just turned to it now, it looks like it concentrates on gadgets to make people sleep. all very expensive i am sure. in the light of what i just experienced, i would say to all those people unable to sleep, just make yourself tired out by physically doing exercise. then you would have aligned your body with your mind, a mind that is tired but cannot sleep because the body is not tired. make the body tired and then you will sleep.


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