open air fresh markets

26 Oct

london 9.48am 9.8C light rain friday 2018

i have found a market place that sells cheap garlic (£1 for 12bulbs)and fresh chilli(£1for 300mg usually but this time i got it for £1 for 600mg) , and fresh tomatoes 99p/kg. it is the market near upton park.

i had gone there about 1month ago, and found it by accident, because i did not know where the market was. but i went late in the day. when i went there i had wanted to buy chilli and garlic and ginger, thinking that they must be cheaper in the east end. so i was just lucky that i got off the tube at upton park. and saw the fresh market was just next door to the tube station as it were.

this time i went earlier, and it was much more busy and with lots more stalls open.

the chilli i bought this time was a one off, i think.

i saw this plastic container which was bigger than the usual ones they use to sell the produce. and it looked like it contained fewer chillis, but i know that it must be at least the same amount even though it looked less. all these buckets containing the various vegetables are all priced at £1. (no, they dont give u the bucket to take home, but empty its contents into a plastic bag ; if i am fast enough i would take out my own bag for them to tip the veg into, instead of their own.)

and i found out when i got home and weighed it that i had bought double the amount of fresh chilli for the same price. here it pays you to be good at assessing the weight of the veg just from sight alone so u can pick up the ones with the most. haha. though u have to be careful, some of them put tissue paper at the bottom of the bowl, just to lift up the veg and make it looklike it is overfilling the bowl. others crisscross the chillis at the bottom, creating a space at the bottom, and then pile up the chillis on top to make it look like it is overflowing over the bowl. haha. i saw two men being cheeky, taking some from another bowl to top theirs up. haha. the cashier told them off, saying they are not supposed to do that. but in a nice way. haha. but generally the bowls are good value. the garlic is really good value. in brixton , they sell a pack of 4bulbs for 50p. here you get 3 for £1.

Digital StillCamera

and their ginger is cheaper than in the supermarkets too, £2/kg. but i did not buy any, because the queues were long and also i got so much garlic allready. i would have bought the tomatoes as they are the cheapest anywhere i think. but the long queue deterred me… maybe next time.

now that i know of this place ,  i would go less times to brixton to buy my fresh veg. 

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