last day of summertime

27 Oct

london 2.49pm 7C cloudy very sunny earlier (rain forecast at 5.15pm did not rain at all afterall) saturday 2018 .last day of summer time before the clocks go back to GMT

sunrise 7:46 AM
sunset 5:45 PM

wordpress reminded me that it is the 6th anniversary of this blog.

i was coming back from the marylebone library, and thinking of buying the adidas trainers that they are selling with a oyster card loaded with £80 , the same price as the shoes. but i should have known plenty of people will be also thinking the same. there was a long queue at the adidas store in foubert place near carnaby street. when i saw the queue, i just turned tail and went back to oxford st and caught the next bus , it was the 88, which made the decision for me to go back to the flat; instead of stopping off at chinatown to buy black soya sauce. i can get it another time. i would imagine today it would be crowded in chinatown and in the grocery shops. i dont like a long queue to pay up when i only got one item. 

well, nowadays i just let things take its course. if it happens it happens, if not, not. it looks like i am not destined to get a free adidas trainer shoes.

i am sure others too are living their lives in many different ways. and writing about it in wordpress. i like reading about their doings, even if it is quite ordinary. it is pleasing to me to read what they are thinking or doing. 

added 6.53pm 5.1C here in london we have a hobby which is to go to the free food given by restaurants to promote their businesses. it is quite fun. the latest one i just went to is by mother, a scandinavian pizza place, in the battersea power station complex. it is to celebrate their 1st birthday. there were lots of free pizza, and free beer and wine too. i only asked for water, but steve and his wife were getting wine. i got full just eating 5 slices, they were huge slices.

i went early, thinking i have to queue, but luckily they were allready feeding everyone. i think they started at 12pm, even though in the email they told us to go at 6pm. but just as well they are feeding us so early, because it was cold and it wont be much fun queueing out in the open. as it is, when i left ,after about half hour, (they told us there will be a band and music throughout the night but i am not really into that but i can see how the free food, wine, beer and free entertainment must appeal to a lot of  people)the cold outside really hit me like a blow. it was so warm inside, but coming out to the cold just froze the sweat and it was really felt, and i was glad i got my quilted jacket and woolly hat and gloves.

but anyway, all that is just by the way. going to these free offers pass the time pleasantly. i hope they all do good business. 




One Response to “last day of summertime”

  1. Garfield Hug Monday October 29, 2018 at 2:10 pm #

    Happy 6th anniversary🤗

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