the joy of GMT

28 Oct

london 7.56am 6.2C (sunrise 6:46 AM sunset 4:40 PM) rain sunday 2018

we are back to GMT (greenwich meantime) and it means noon will coincide with the sun at its highest over the horizon.

i think i like that we change to summertime during summer and then back to gmt for the winter. that way we adjust to the longer days in summer whilst reverting to the norm in winter. i think this suits the uk very well. uk is placed just in the right place to get the full benefit of this change. if we are nearer the equator , or nearer the poles, it would not make a lot of difference and be pointless. 


there is now a lot of talk of europe not changing to daylight saving time. and keep the same time all year round. it allready has one  permanent time for all the countries in the EU;   like china, and is about the same lattitude as China.

. and china has stopped changing to daylight saving time since 1992. and it does not seem to be missing it. so i think if EU adopts the same thing, it too will not notice it.

each country in the EU is allowed to determine which time they want to keep… whether it is GMT+1, or GMT +2. but i have a strong suspicion that they will all just follow what germany do. not because germany will order them to, but that germany is the strongest and most profitable economy, and so it will call the shots. everyone else will want to keep in line with it so that they can trade with it, and keep to its business hours. and i bet you germany will chose GMT+1. it will want to keep within easy time difference with new york and with china and this way at least seven months of the year in summer it will be having same time as uk. if it wants to steal financial business from uk, this would be one extra factor in its favour to be a worldclass trading entity. 

added 4.21pm 9.6C still very bright sunny. its blue sky too. sunset is soon, at 4.40pm, but you would not know it if u just look at the sky now. 

its been quite cold today, its the wind, makes you feel the chill.  i am wrapped in full winter regalia. woolly hat, scarf,gloves and quilted jacket when i went out about 10.15am to get to the paddington library. it makes me very comfortable to be outdoors dressed warmly like this. maybe it is why i like being outdoors and just go out whenever i like, inspite of whatever weather is out there. i am always warmly dressed so never felt that awful feeling of being too cold and shivery.

i went to trafalgar square too because there is a diwali festival fair with onstage performances there in the afternoon. did not stay long not because of the weather, it was fine when i went there, but because i am not really interested in watching stage performers.

later, when i got back  i heard a rattling on my kitchen window and looked out to see small bits of hail. so it must have gone colder, but being indoors i would not have felt it. 


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