expensive flats being unsold

31 Oct

london 8.43am 5.9C sunny. wednesday 2018

when you go over the vauxhall bridge, you can see across the water all the high rise expensive flats that they are building around the american embassy and battersea power station and you can only wonder how they are able to find buyers for all of them, esp when their prices are not cheap.

and there are plenty of future influx of more high priced flats being built… that huge complex in chelsea which had its plans slated by prince charles, and have to redraw its designs and delaying it so much it has missed the boat. if it had been built it would be one of the earliest to come up and could have caught the high tide of sales when everyone was willing to pay big money to get into a london property.   and near me the millbank tower, which has been delayed so much too and is still not even started.

well, today there is an article about centre point, the owners are finding it difficult to sell the other half of the 82 flats that are still not sold , but they are asking from £1.8million for a one bed. no wonder they said people are making silly offers. perhaps they are the ones making silly prices. i suppose in those circles £2million for a 1bed is a reasonable price. but if they dont hurry up there will be a huge glut of more new flats coming into the market and more choices of prime locations.

almacantar owns the centre point flats, but they are also building another block of expensive flats at marble arch. it used to be a cinema complex, directly opposite the marble arch monument. so they are contributing to the excess glut of luxury flats in london.


london 4.26pm 11.9C sunny very near sunset but the sky is really very bright still.

i have just been back from the 6 month follow up appointment  to my heart attack.

earlier i was queueing up at the wings shot restaurant in cambridge circus, to get the free chicken. someone came and told us because we were at the head of the queue, that  you can chose what to have …boneless wings or with bones. so i thought  i shall ask for boneless, thinking i might get more chicken; and it turned out to be chicken balls. 8 of them. they cost £7.50 for 8. boneless is easier to eat, it was coated with a chilli sauce , which the server chosed for me. i said i did not mind what sauce. 

Digital StillCamera

the boneless as u can see does not look impressive… when i saw it, my first thought was that it was not a lot…unlike those with bones which is bigger and look like chicken wings but without the tips;  so more impressive looking. it filled a whole bucket when i saw it being dished out for another customer.

in fact, i was the first customer to order and the first to get my chicken. even though two ladies were ahead of me… one of them was the chinese malaysian lady that saw me in the virgin lounge…but they let me go ahead of them.

i have the chance of another free meal from the restaurant people. this is because earlier in the month, when they first told me of this offer, i got  sent me via a email a voucher that has a code that i can use to get  8free chicken wings… i can redeem it anytime from now till 8nov. when i redeem it  i shall ask for the boned chicken wings i think instead of the boneless. 

at first i thought they will give us the chicken if we show our voucher today , but i learnt later that today’s is their opening day and the free chicken is independant of the voucher. it is for everyone who queues up , first 100. 

it is all very nice to get these free food. but i cant help thinking  it is so easy and cheap to cook chicken wings, roasted in the oven and you get the crunchy wing tips too, as well as the two parts. and the crackling skin. nevermind the sauce as it is not really necessary. the coated sauce makes the skin less crispy. actually , come to think of it, grilling it is even better than roasting it. i think in this shop today, they fry them.

my order  came with that pot of mayonnaise which u see in the picture. it was very garlicky. i wanted to keep it for another day but that pot gave me alot of bother, because i kept it in my bag, and it spilled out all over the inside of my bag when i was waiting in the hospital for the doctor. and i was cleaning it out and dealing with the mess when my name was called and the nurse took my blood pressure and pulse. later when i saw the doctor he mentioned that blood pressure  reading was high and they were quite concerned …. but i told him about the accident and the fact that the reading was done just when i was dealing with it and i suspect the reading will be high. so he ask the nurse to take another reading, and it was normal.

but i told him i got my heart sometimes does an irregular heart beat, for no reason at all, i can feel it going very fast and irregularly… not sure if that is normal or not. is that what they call palpitations? and is it important? i wonder? anyway i did not ask the doctor if it is normal but only described it. i did not think it that significant, but later he said that is not normal, and he will monitor my heart for 24 hours with a gadget. i am to wear it for 24hrs and then hand the gadget to the hospital. the hospital will send me a letter to tell me of an appointment to get that fitted. simon had one done recently and he said it was so painful when it put pressure on his arm or something every time it wanted to measure the blood pressure that it prevented him from sleeping. i hope it wont be that bad for me.

quess who i saw waiting by the bus stop just oustide st thomas hospital, where i was to have my appointment. it was my circuit trainer. i told him not to wait, as parliament square was completely blocked by the police because of a demonstration in the central grassy square in front of parliament house. my bus was at a standstill along with a long line of red buses, so that i just got out and walked. i had wanted to go back before my appointment at 3.15pm, but it was allready 2pm, so i decided to just go to the appointment instead, even though i was so early. when i saw him at the bus stop it was allready 2.10pm, the training is at 3pm in chelsea, and if i had not told him to go by another route he would be very late for the session. 

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