things are quite ordinary now

1 Nov

london 6.58pm 9C dark dry night thursday 2018

it seems time goes very slowly now. its dark outside and looks like it is 9pm, or should be. but it is only about 7pm. that is the effect of having sunset at about 4.30pm. i keep thinking it is late enough now to take my medicine. i have a 2nd lot of medicine i take about 8or 9pm.

and also i keep thinking it is time for the tv program that i want to see which start at 8pm. it is called shop smart and save money for christmas. such a long title and so specific. but it means that the countdown to christmas has started. after halloween, which was yesterday, people now look forward to christmas as the next binge time.

halloween is quite a boring thing to celebrate, at least for me. all that dressing up and fake blood. luckily this year no one came ringing our door bell asking for trick or treats.  one good thing about living in a block of flats. i read in the papers that someone gave ecstacy tablets to the kids, and luckily the mother checked them and found them. just goes to show you cannot accept sweets from strangers nowadays. 

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