2 Nov

london 3.58pm 12.8C sunny friday 2018

its very pleasant here in london. blue sky and sunny days and with just enough people on the street and in the shops to give it a sense of bustle and hustle of a big city busy doing its thing.

i have been out earlier this morning for grocery shopping in the asda and lidl in clapham junction. i wanted to buy lidl coffee, 200mg for £1.49. i bought one about 2months ago, and it is running out. and i like it that is why i am repeating the buy. and whilst there i went into asda next door and bought the shoulder pork, it is a good price, £1.65/kg so i bought one that cost £4.58. about 1.7kg. this would divide into 3 portions which i shall freeze, and eat over the month. it should last me a month. i use a small amount with veg just to flavour the veg. it is really amazing how it can improve a veg dish. and there is very little fat to that meat i bought. sometimes when it is so cheap they put in more fat. most of the other supermarkets sell their pork for £3.50/kg, if not more. 

i have just got back from a meet up of old members of a chinese -white gay club. we are the remnants of a once thriving club for white gay guys who are attracted to chinese guys and vice versa. it used to be a pick up place but i think nowadays it is a social club concentrating on playing badminton. or rather it is a badminton club mainly. 

i suppose if it still exist now in the old format it will be considered  not a politically correct club to say it is a club for whites to meet chinese guys for sex. haha. it might even be forced to shut down or change its structure and allow everyone to join.  in the old days no one turn a hair that such racially defined clubs can exist… i was rather glad to have such a club exist and am glad that i lived through that period. i think now it is not so much fun to be gay. but then, dont we all say it, we old timers… we always say the old days are much better. 

anyway, we meet about once a month  to reminisce over the olden days. it can get a bit sad sometimes because we know we are slowly dying off… 




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