4 Nov

london 11.50am 12.7C cloudy sunday 2018

1.32pm on the number 36 bus going back to the flat

the sunday papers are full of stuff to buy, in the run up to christmas. one of them is showing all the electronic gadgets you can buy. when i saw them i thought oh no, more stuff that uses electricity. as if we are not using too much allready.

i wish someone would invent a electric heater that would efficiently convert electricity to heat and use up very little electricity. or rather air conditioners that would either heat or cool the air using very little electricity. whoever invents such a gadget will make a fortune. 

i suppose a more realistic wish would be that we invent really efficient converter of wind or solar energy to electricity to use directly or/and store it in efficient batteries. as it is anyone here wanting to heat their homes will opt for gas, rather than electricity.

i must be a rare exception, i dont have gas and i dont use any electric heaters either. my flat seem to get its heat from the neighbours. 

added. 10.56pm. hmm, i was surprised that my internet provider talktalk tells me in an email that i have on 12 occasions last month reached my limit of download. i am supposed to have unlimited download but it seems i have reached a point when something cannot cope and it slows everything down. and they ask me to upgrade to fibre… at an extra £5 a month. well, they did say it is not compulsory, so since simon tells me that he gets a bit of a blink on his laptop when he is viewing things but it is a momentary thing, it does not seem necessary to upgrade. i wondered how we are able to exceed the limit, but i think it might be due to the fact that we now can see catch up tv, and that requires a lot of stuff, like films being downloaded via the internet. that might explain why there are these huge downloads. and simon watches a lot of football, golf and snooker matches too. 



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