lovely shade of pastel

7 Nov

london 14.2C rain wednesday 2018

when i report what the weather is like, i just look out of my lounge window at the sky. so at first i put down cloudy…but it can be deceptive, because later it was only when i went to the kitchen to get a drink that i saw outside the kitchen window that the ground was wet. it has been raining. but such a misty sort of rain you cannot see it. 

it is very mild these few days… lowest temp today was at 6am 11.4C. lovely that it is so mild, though the leaves around here are all turning brown and yellow, so they are just getting on with it and not be fooled by the mild weather.

at green park when i passed it yesterday on the bus, there was just this wash of brown and yellow at tree height. we dont get vivid reds so the colours are not so dramatic but the yellows and browns still give a lovely wash of pastel shades to the scenery. 

you know how people go on holiday to get a change of scenery? well i am thinking i am having a change of scenery too but without moving anywhere. with the seasons the whole thing is changing round me with me staying where i am.

but of course u might argue it is the culture that will be different, and that is what u are wanting to experience when u travel … but some might argue that might change too, seeing the western culture is being exported world wide now and even remote areas and the people who live there now are being visibly influenced by their exposure to western ways.


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