can you lie out in the sun doing nothing?

8 Nov

london 11.14am 13.7C sunny thursday 2018

last night i got an email from steve telling me of a free cheesecake and champagne at hotel cafe royal in regent st. it is today at 12pm, but it is allready 11.14am and if i want to go i should start now .

but i am in two minds about going. i am not very keen on sweet stuff and champagne, or any alcoholic drinks for that matter. and they will have a draw for a free trip to barcelona as well. but nowadays that is not going to attract me, my first thought when i read that was i hope i dont get it. haha. so i think i shall give it a miss.

funny how sometimes i am so comfortable at home i dont feel like going out. whilst other times, i want to go out even if there is no reason to do so. looking out of the window now, i see it is all sunshine streaming into the lounge, and blue sky out there. normally that would make people want to go out and enjoy the sunshine.yet i want to stay in and just fiddle with the internet and online.

oh, i shall go out sometime today, but instead of going out to the river and enjoy that, i would most probably go out to go into the library … it is a little perverse to go out and go indoors again. but that is life… there may be beauty all around us and we would not notice it because we cannot live on beauty alone… it makes me think beautiful scenery is all very well, but really no one can sit all day looking at it.

i suppose the ideal would be able to sit out in the sun whilst getting online with the laptop outside. until i realise it cannot be done. the light will be too bright to see the screen. i guess there is nothing to do but just sit in the sun close my eyes and just stay there doing nothing. in a way u can only admire those people who can lie in the sun all day… they must be really good at doing nothing, or else they are good sleepers, able to sleep anywhere, anytime. 

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