a change of action

12 Nov

london 12.39pm 14.1C sunny rain with hail monday 2018

the time have flown past, i did not realise i have missed writing a post yesterday. my last post was titled a ordinary day. well i was wrong. it was an extraordinary day.

i had fractured my right foot (last time it was the left foot) without realising how i did it. i went for the circuit training on wednesday and i noticed the pain on my right foot on friday and by saturday it had become swollen.

at first i thought it might be due to a spider bite, because just the day before i saw a big spider walk by me on the sofa. i dont kill them as i think they are beneficial to keep insects in check.

but later i saw it was just like the time i had fractured by right foot. the symptoms were the same. so now i know not to put any weight on it but to rest it completely. i have given the crutches back to the hospital so i dont have them to use. so i have to crawl about the flat on my knees, just to put my foot out of pressure by not walking on it.

i know how important it is to keep the weight off the foot for it to heal. and it is healing now. the swelling is going down, even the redness has gone down. so i am not going to see the doctor about it as my body seem to be handling it well. i know the doctor will do the same advise , rest the foot, and let it heal. he might prescribe antibiotics, but so far i dont see the need,as i am not getting any fever, and the swelling is going down. i think it must be a small fracture this time. but it does make me reassess what i shall do in future. it seems i might be prone to weakening of the bones, if i can get fracture so easily. i might have to do more weight training,(and not do circuit training which would be rather sad)  sit out in the sun, and eat more calcium food. which means more green vegetables. the trainer who does our circuit training also do a weight training session so i might ask him about that and shift from the circuit training to the weight training.

i have noticed my muscles are wasting away, in that my arms and legs are thinner, and i find i dont have any strength in them. this is not good. as we go older our muscles can waste away… and it is important to keep muscle building to keep them functioning. there are  muscle weight exercise machine in the communal gardens in our estate. it has been installed by council for quite some time now, but i have not felt the need to use them.  it might be a good idea to use it more now.

so those are my new intentions once this foot heals. time to develop more of these habits so that i make a routine out of it.

2 Responses to “a change of action”

  1. Garfield Hug Monday November 12, 2018 at 1:43 pm #

    Sorry to hear about your foot fracture!! Take care and I hope the boot you previously used can be used interchangeably to this foot.

    • alifesgayventure Monday November 12, 2018 at 2:40 pm #

      it is made for a left foot, but can be used for the right. but i have not been using it around the flat, because it is big and heavy , so not comfortable. i might use it if i am going out. but so far i want to stay in, and rest the foot.

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