getting back to normal

16 Nov

london 11.37am 10.5C rain friday 2018

today it is the first time i venture outside to the shops. simon had borrowed my neighbours crutches for me so i used one of them to support me. the foot actually is quite painless now, but i thought i had better to  keep as much pressure off it as possible. it has resumed its normal colour, and shape, and looks fine. i bought some satsumas… 5 for £1.15 from the local sainsburys near me. i havent had much of an appetite and i thought maybe the fruits will make me eat again. there is no sun , so today wont be a day for me to start the sunbathing and garnering of vit D. 


i just woke up and got a text from david giving me his email address. well i think he finally realised that i wont write back to his text by another text . i find it so difficult to write quickly on the phone , if i dont pay attention to what i am typing, the intuitive program gives me the wrong word and i have to erase the whole word and start again. i have sent him an email. lets hope he gets it. he tells me to text him if i dont get a reply from him in 15mins but i dont mind if he takes histime about replying… that is the beauty of email. you can take your time to reply.

i got a microsoft notice of change of terms of contract. i havent quite read it all, but it seemed like the last one. wish they would tell us what has changed. but most if not all of us will continue to use it. i am using their hotmail. even though i keep being sent a lot of scam and spam. now they have a section ‘not spam’ but within it you get the phishing, and block section. i find it perverse of them to list it in the top as not spam. it should be headed spam.

but what i have noticed now is that they have not been sending me spam emails from my own address. that one is a real bummer because i could not report the phishing, or block the address. but now everything that is spam i will report as phishing, and then when it had been sent to the deleted folder, i would then block the address as well.

now it would be nice if their contract says we shall endeavour to stop all spam to your account and if we dont ,you have our permission to shoot us in the balls. and serves us right too.

now i see there is a new pop up telling me they are going to change the editor for wordpress blogs. i dont think this is microsoft related but more to do with wordpress. well they often fiddle with it, always claiming it is a new brilliant version but of course i just switch it off . i wonder how many people really bother to try it. what is nice is if they will capitalise the first letter at the beginning of a sentence, automatically. as it is all my sentences start with a small case. some might get irritated with it. but it is a bother to click on two keys to bring in the capital letter. i just feel too lazy, and so if u for some reason gets extremely cross at me doing it, starting sentences with a small case, then my apologies and just loosen up .




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