23 Nov

london 11.01am 8.2C cloudy friday 2018

today is supposed to be black friday, a day of supposedly big discounts to entice people to spend money before the big spending binge for christmas.

as a ploy to slot in a big shopping binge in november, when retail business is usually dead is quite a genius idea for the retail industry. and it seem to have spread outside america into the rest of the world, or so it seems.

actually now i come to think of it, shopping as an interactive activity is quite a good one. traditionally people do face to face bargaining with the shop keeper, and it can be very ritualistic involving cups of tea and bluff and counter bluff with all concerned whiling away a few happy hours interacting with their fellow men. after all you could spend a whole afternoon or morning bargaining if u make a number of purchases during the course of the day.

perhaps nowadays with the internet, you dont get that personal interaction with another human being so something might be lost. it might explain why people seek bargains and buy stuff so much, they are yearning to find that person to person interaction and unable to get it but still continue to buy hoping to get a different result. 

oh, the postman just came and i got a letter stating my winter payment is on the way to my account. lovely i think. to get £200 every year like this. it is only for us uk old people. i think if u are in europe u can get too, but it is meant to be for countries that are cold in winter. it will go towards my whole electricity bill.(about £260 a year).

and my flat is so warm and cosy now even though i dont have heating. it has been this cosy all the time. i was wondering if it might be too cold for my friends , who are now staying with me on a 3day visit. but it has been so cosy that i dont have to give them a hot water bottle for their bed.

and now that i am indoors all the time, it is really lovely to stay in the flat with the flat so warm. 

my friends are now gone out for the day, they are going to the ideal home exhibition in olympia, and then they will be going into a gay sauna and take up the sauna’s  special weekend offer of £20 each and that includes  free multiple entries from friday to sunday. and they intend to spend the nights there instead of coming back to my flat. haha. i thought it a excellent idea, and so good value for money. its like having a hotel room for 3nights for £20. plus all the gay activities of a sauna included all weekend. so i wont be seeing them again till sunday afternoon. 

i am hearing reports of the new wordpress editor, one of the bloggers i follow accidentally clicked on it to try it, and he said it was such a bother. he managed to get back  his old editor, but the experience has made him rather put off the new editor. can it really be that bad? surely wordpress cannot change the whole editor that much? but it does bodes ill for when they force all of us to change to the new editor.

i see right at the bottom of the page here a box saying ‘a new editor is coming to level up your layout. learn more. ‘ well i shall not be hitting that button till i am forced to take it up. 



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