toast soldiers

27 Nov

london 10.40am 6C cloudy tuesday 2018

today was supposed to be the day that the new guttenberg wordpress editor start being used. and i was rather looking forward to it, hoping to try it out. but nothing happened , i still got the old editor.

i have been looking at the tutorials of the new editor . you can find them if you searched for it online, and have been looking at them to get some idea of what it is about.  from what i see, i thought i can get round all the new complicated features they have and just use some of the new features and ignore the others. i would think that is how everyone one else will be using it ,just use those features that you need to write and post and ignore all the others that you dont need.

we shall see how it pans out. 

life here in london for me is just as usual. my friends have gone home now, they went yesterday, and seemed to have a very good time whilst here. and by good time i mean sex wise. haha.

Digital StillCamera

simon does a half boiled egg better than me. the egg white is cooked whilst the yolk is still runny. most people like it the way he does it. no messy egg white looking quite jelly like if it is not hard boiled. but i like my own way too, which is like this.


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