armchair travelling

29 Nov

london 1.38pm 13C dry cloudy thursday 2018

its very quiet around where i am. i have been to the victoria library and it strikes me that there are not many people about. perhaps it is the doldrums before christmas when people are just poor, and want to save their money and energy before the christmas rush.

yesterday was similar to today, dull, cloudy, raining on and off. i went to tooting broadway to get a haircut. £7. he got a pensioner rate of £5, but i did not make use of it. instead i thought of paying the normal price of £6, to be told when i gave it to him that it is £7 because i got such long hair. personally i dont believe that it is harder to cut long hair as opposed to cut short one. after all it is a number 1 electric clipper cut, but i guess he needs to maximise his income. his prices are allready quite low… most of the other barbers near where i live are charging at least £10 . and it was quite an easy travel by tube to there. with a lift service in vauxhall, so that i dont have to climb up the stairs,what with my surgical boot and all. and there is an elevator service in tooting broadway station. i had thought of going there all the way by buses, but it would take a long time. 

i have to get a haircut as my passport is about to expire and needs to be renewed where i get a new one for another 5yrs. and they will be needing to take a new picture of me to go in it.

i hardly ever use my passport nowadays,since i dont travel abroad anymore.  and so for the last 2 or 3 passports the  pages are all blank and this would cover  10yrs or 15yrs.  that is how long i have not gone abroad. and i foresee this new one i will be getting will also  have blank pages for all its 5yrs.

i dont miss foreign travel. i think i had more than my fill in my young days and now feel i have seen it all really. or rather not interested in seeing those things i have missed. nowadays  i do  all my sightseeing watching travel programs on tv. haha. yesterday i saw a program about a hidden river in south america called the essequibo. its on the yesterday channel.  that is how i like to travel, watching all of them being very uncomfortable in their journey up the river to find its source whilst i can see all the troubles and discomfort they have to contend with in the comfort of my home. that is how i like to travel nowadays. they dont mention the mosquitos, and being bitten voraciously by them. and i bet there are leeches too. 

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