let time do all the work

30 Nov

london 11.17am sunny blue sky friday 2018

i woke at 9.30am and was just lazing around the flat, and when i saw it was about 10am i mulled over whether i shall make the effort to go to chelsea where maitre choux , a eclair tea house is giving away 100 free eclairs today starting at 11am. and decided i could not be arsed. haha. its the lining up to queue that is a bit off putting for me now, that i have to hobble about on my surgical boot and shopping trolley crutch.

that is the fun of being retired, i dont have any must- do, or have- to -go… or any obligations. my time is my own. i dont have to do anything if i dont feel like it. so there!

they are giving out another 100 free eclairs tomorrow. but i am not sure i want to go.

i must say being told about their free eclairs offer makes me want to eat an eclair. but not theirs, which are too over decorated and overpriced. they cost about £6 each. it looks pretty, in an overblown sort of way.

no, what i wanted was to eat the supermarket eclairs, the ones with melted chocolate on top and they are like 50p or at most £1 each. i googled tesco eclairs, and find that it is 6 for £1.15.

but that is for later, right now i am looking at my egg cup with my half boiled egg and my toast soldiers which i am having for breakfast.

the way i make it is such a lazy man’s way of doing it. i just pour hot water over the egg, cover it and let it stand for about 10mins or longer. and i do other things or not do other things whilst it is cooking. haha.

i like this way of preparing things. let time do all the work. and i look out of the window and admire the blue sky and sunshine out there, and just contemplate my life. 


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