an ordinary day

2 Dec

london 7.40pm 14.4C dry night it is very mild sunday 2018

there has been nothing of note happening today so just a normal day really. but i thought i shall just write something. simon is making dumplings again… he did a similar dish yesterday but he said he turned the knob  the other way and so instead of simmering, it turned up the heat and the dumplings disintegrated. so now he is doing the dish again. well, i hope to eat it, when it is done.

just as well, as i dont have anything to eat that i made myself and i had not been shopping so there is no raw food in the house . none of the supermarkets are a short bus ride away, so that i have been postponing my shopping. with my foot the way it is, a short bus ride that puts me at a  bus stop just at the supermarket would be really very welcome.

i so wanted to eat clementines, but since i could not find a tesco that is along the way of my destination today, i did not stop by and buy some. or even buy some more vegetables that i can make a meal out of it .

the nearest big tesco to me is quite inconvenient to get to. it involves two changes of buses. and it is along a bus route 196 that is very slow service on a sunday. and also slow service after 8pm weekdays. 

there are other tescos nearer but they are small shops that are like express stores, and so sometimes they dont stock the cheaper value foods.

 but actually i should be grateful that there is a tesco superstore so near me. there are only three others and one is way out west near cromwell road, the other way south on the old kent road. though the 3rd one is near brixton on acre lane, where no bus from my place goes there. most people in central london find going to these superstores quite inconvenient and will just have to go to their plentiful express stores that are so ubiquitous in central london.

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