easy peelers

3 Dec

london 7.40pm 9C dry monday 2018

i thought yesterday was rather a warm day and it seems it is. i saw this article saying the hyde park ice rink had melted yesterday. the ice machine could not cope with the 16C air temperature. and yet tomorrow early morning is forecast to be 1C in central london. today has been raining a lot too. 

update 8am tuesday 4.12.18 5.1C cloudy . it seems the lowest it got is now. so it looks like the forecast got it wrong for central london again. i think central london is just warmer.though south london (new malden) is 1.2C now. 

the uk is right in the path of two conflicting weather systems. and the jet stream is the one influencing which one takes precedence. so depanding on how far north the jet stream swings , it pushes warm air up, or cold air down across the british isle. the jet stream is the border between these two fronts. i think they cannot predict what caused it to swing north or south. because if they can they would be able to make the weather  forecast  very accurate.

i managed to go shopping today. went to the tesco and bought lots of clementines, or so that is what i think they are.79p for 600mg. i think i know the difference between clementines and satsumas. clementines are larger. and i think i like the larger size ones. more fruit and more juice. tastewise they are all the same. they might have some difference in flavour, but  i dont notice it. google tells me clementines are the smallest mandarins on the market. so i wonder if i am wrong. tesco just labels it easy peelers, so i dont know what these ones i bought are called. but i dont think i mind what they are called, they are all the same as far as i am concerned.

added i found this article trying to show the difference, but i am no wiser after i look at it. maybe u can tell the difference.

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