green vegetables

12 Dec

london 7.48pm 5.3C dry night wednesday 2018.

it looks like tomorrow morning will be 1C. and these cold mornings will continue for 3 days. so they forecast… hmm, we are getting these cold spells that come for 2-3days and then the weather warms up again. must be the jet stream doing its merry dance going north and south as the whim takes it.

i shall believe it when i see it though. because london has its own weather.  most probably it will be cold in the suburbs of london, but not in central london that is what i suspect will happen.

now the outside temp according to the weather website is 5.3C. inside my flat according to my nhs thermometer it is 21C. i dont think that is accurate. it does not feel that warm, but it is comfortable enough . not warm enough to not wear two layers of fleece though. i thought it should read 18C . that would be more like it.

i went to the asda and lidl in clapham junction to buy toilet rolls. asda sells 12rolls for £1.98. it is the cheapest in all of london i think, if not all of uk. haha.

and i was looking for veggie, but only the pointed cabbage was 54p so i bought that in lidl.  i like these green vegetables. they are easy to cook, just put a small amount of water in a pan, and then boil the water with the greens in it, with the lid shut and you can switch off and let it cook on its own heat. you effectively steam the veggie. and by using such a little amount of water u dont waste electricity but also none of the goodness leach into the water and there is not a lot of water to throw away either. everyone should steam their veggies like this. and you dont need a custom made steamer either. the pot is the steamer. you could stir fry the veggie too. that is another way of cooking them using minimum electricity.

in today’s lunch, i steamed it first, and then used it for a stir fried dish with pork. and then pour  it over a dish of hot freshly cooked rice. it is really very delicious and filling. 




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