talking of the weather

13 Dec

london 10.50am sunny 5.4C (lowest 3.4C ) thursday 2018

sunrise 7.57am sunset 3.51pm. it looks like the sunset is not getting any earlier, all the movement is in the time of sunrise getting later.

its blue sky out there and sunny. i was right about the cold not hitting london , here our lowest was 3.4C. but that is central london. further out , dulwich for eg, it hit -0.4C. 

what surprised me was seeing paris so low temp today. they are 1C now and have been lowest -2C. somehow i always get this idea that it is much warmer in paris than london. i think it is because we all go during summer and it is hot in summer. 

added 2.26pm 5.5C sunny blue sky.

added. 4.42pm 4.7C dark now but dry. 


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