water tank bill

14 Dec

london 12.40pm4.8C cloudy friday 2018

i got the estimated bill for the replacement of the water tank in our block , insulation of the cold water pipe and upgrades on lighting. the work allready has been done. begun in june2018 and finished dec 2018. i hardly noticed it, there was so little disruption. i was imagining a huge water tank being brought down from the attic by a huge crane, anchored in the courtyard and another huge new tank lifted up with the roof being taken out and then re-roofed. but thank goodness nothing like that happened. it was all done invisibly. and there was not interruption of our water. the tank supplies all our water to the bathroom and toilet.

my share comes to £4215.85 this is put here just for my record.

i think it is a good idea of theirs to warn us about this amount to pay so that it does not come as too much of a shock and allow people to start saving for it, or adjusting their spending. esp now when christmas is near and there will be the temptation to spend it up.

usually jan is when all the bills come home to roost. and it can be rather daunting to suddenly have to come up with a huge bill for all the various outgoings. not to mention the psychological aspect of it , having to pay out so much at one go, and seeing such a big drop in your balance. somehow paying a small amount over a longer period of time seem to make it less noticeable. 

now at least we can start paying this bill now and spread it over a period of time, rather than wait for the final bill which does not give you much time to pay.

you might say it is rather perverse of these businesses to bill in jan, or feb, just when dec is a high spend month, what with christmas and all. why dont they do it during june, july, when only those going on big holidays will be overspending. and there are no big festival to spend on. but perhaps it would not make much difference, those who are careless with their budgetting will get into debt anyway. 








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