make your own diary wall calendar

16 Dec

london 7.09pm rain 8C sunday 2018

i have not seen any free calendars being given out this year. in the past i used to want them, those that have blank spaces for each day so that i can write things on them. it means getting a new one each year and it is not cheap those calendars. also sometimes they come in too small a size so that there is not much room to write anything in the boxes that represent each day. 

so i decided to make my own. just paste a A4 sheet of paper over each month, and draw lines across it so that it is criss crossed with blank squares and then just write in the dates and day. its real easy to make, and i get a lot of junk mail and they all are written on one side only, the other side is blank and make very good blank sheets for my calendar. every year i accumulate enough to make a calendar. i only need 12.

added. i have just measured the paper size i use, and it is not really A4. (210mmx297mm.) the paper size i have is 210mmx250mm. it is strange isn’t it that all the letters they sent out in the junk mail and even in legit mail are in that size. why it is not A3 i dont know.

i have allready made next year’s calendar.

last year i had loads of ordinary wall calendars. i had three from the daily mail alone. that was too many really.   but this year i had not one.

they are not crucial to have, because we can get calendars online. i get mine from google. i got gmail and i get a online calendar with it. so if u want to know which day falls on what date you can always look it up there, but it is quicker when u have the paper calendar in the flat to just see at a glance.

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