tesco at the time they reduce prices

18 Dec

london 1.48pm 10.5C cloudy tuesday 2018

i had a glimpse at how tesco manage their reduced pricing of the sell by foods at the end of the day.

last night i was there when a worker began to reduce the prices. i noticed that the price he slaps on the chicken breasts were higher than the marked down price allready on it. so i pointed it out to him and said you are marking it higher than the price on the sticker. £1.85, when the marked down price allready on it is £1.75. (for two raw chicken breasts)and only then was he aware of it. it does not seem likely that a person can make that kind of mistake… but he seemed to have done. but tellingly, he did not correct it and slap another price marker on it to overlay the higher price.

i was waiting for him to slap a marked down price on the minced beef, and asked him why he had not done so. so he did  on one, but it was not much reduced… only to £1.40, when by rights if he had done a normal 1/4 reduction it would be about 80p. so i did not buy it. i have noticed they are very slow to slap a reduction on their raw meat . and even when they do they dont reduce it by much. a sign of the times i suppose when they are savvy to the behaviour of us bargain hunters. haha.

i remember on another day when i saw lotsof these minced beef on the reduced price shelf, and went there twice in the day, and they still did not reduce it to the final reduction. in the end, i left before 8pm before they did anything to it as i just was too bored with waiting for them to do it.  i went too early. that is why i resolved to go at about 7.30pm, when the final reduction should start at about 8pm. but i think they are doing the final reduction on the meat later and later. so i shall just try pot luck, and see what comes up. if i get it , good, if not nevermind. haha. 

he did reduce the processed foodstuff. i bought the chicken kiev , a pack of 2 raw chicken breasts 

for 40p, reduced from £2. that is more than a 1/4 reduction. and the turkey escalopes. they are quite nice at that price. later, simon told me they need cooking first. i thought they were allready cooked and that all i have to do is warm them up in the microwave. but the instructions specify not to be microwaved but put in the oven at 200C for 20mins. frankly i would not bother to buy at their normal price. £2 and then have to cook it too and having to use electricity for it. i think if i am going tobuy processed stuff, i expect it to be ready to eat with just a microwave warming up. (no idea why this part is so small font size . it wont get larger no matter what i do.)

so they need cooking. well they are being cooked now, all of them, so that we can save some electricity instead of cooklng them one by one. just as well i bought so many. but i must say, chicken kiev is quite nice to eat, with its melted cheese inside the breast. added. we ate them, but i myself was disappointed. i expected a lot more cheese to ooze out but these ones dont have any cheese at all in them. they have a bit of garlic paste. dont think i shall buy them again. even at 40p i dont think they are that worthwhile.

added. 4.24pm . i remembered something also at that night of the tesco reduction. i pointed to a minced beef pack and said why that has no price on it. he said it is not due its sell by date. so i said why is it on the reduced bargain shelf? he said some customer must have left it there. it made me wonder if that is what they do. put some there to make it look like there are mince beef for reduction. and either fool someone to take it without realising it is full price, or get others in the mood for reductions whilst waiting, and hope they will start buying the other foodstuff. it made me wonder if last time when i saw so many of mince beef packs that they might not be ready for their sell by date, but just put there to fool us. that is a new strategy. all in all, it does make me rather less willing to go specially to tesco for their reductions. if i am going to buy something there then i will go, otherwise i will give them a miss. 

added. hmm i wonder if this change of policy in the way they reduce the prices is a way to avoid the huge hen fight that can ensue when they do these reductions in the past. then, they just cut the prices to 20p, 10p, 50p, and that caused a huge scramble and mayhem set loose when everyone grab everything for dear life in an effort to grab these bargains. instead what i see is a person might grab a reduced price salad, and then i see him come back to return it saying he does not want it. 

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