at home.we dont visit each other much

19 Dec

london 5.40pm 8.7C dry night wednesday 2018

it gets dark early and i find i am reluctant to go out when it is dark. so i stay in and watch tv.

it is a old film , journey to the centre of the earth, and shows a very romantic idea of the journey to the centre of the earth. everything is so well lit, unlike reality, where by rights going underground means crawling in narrow passages,  all in the dark, cold, damp, and in narrow passages flooded by water, unlike the film, where they are going through brightly lit carvernous spaces, and now i see they have found giant mushrooms that they can eat. and pat boone is there too, in a dramatic role instead of a singing one. he did not sing one song even in the film.

i missed a phone call by a friend, david,  who sent me an email instead to ask if he can come visit me, after he had done the circuit training which finish at 4pm. he wrote the email at 4.30pm, unfortunately by the time i got to read the email in my email website, it is allready 5.30pm. i quickly called him on his mobile and even sent him a text, but that was when i realised it is one hour since he wrote and sent the email and he would be home by now.

he said he tried to call me on my mobile, but i switch my mobile off when i am not expecting calls. he forgot i have a landline, and should have called me on that landline. so i reminded him about it and to call me on that if he decided to visit me next time. it would be nice to have him visit me. as i dont have to move out of the flat. i am very reluctant to go out when it gets dark. 

it is so spacious , the interior of the earth, even got a vast inland sea , according to this film about the centre of the earth. reality is a hot core of molten rock, and they would all be fried, but this is a romantic version and so they all managed to get out via a volcano erupting. oh, it is now showing how poor gertrude the duck got killed. supposedly by the villain.

handsome pat boone still got a clean shaven face, after all that time underground. how he managed to keep it clean shaven is a miracle.

it would be nice if my friend could have come to visit me. but it is not often i get anyone to visit, nor do i do any visiting myself. somehow no one seem to go to each other’s home and entertain each other that way. usually we meet outside in some pub or other eating place. my friend david is unusual in wanting to visit me at my home.

2 Responses to “at home.we dont visit each other much”

  1. anexactinglife Sunday December 30, 2018 at 11:15 am #

    Where I live, people are reluctant to invite anyone to their homes. We think that to have “company,” we need to clean the house first and make some home-made food. That is too much work so we don’t do it, and we go out with our friends instead. You know someone is a really good friend when you let them drop by even when your house is a mess and all you have to eat are tea and packaged cookies.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday December 30, 2018 at 11:20 am #

      i thought as much too when i see people so reluctant to invite others to visit them here in uk. they are afraid of what the visitors might think of their housekeeping. i too have found myself thinking that way, that i have to clean the place up and make it presentable, until i realise i am not a house proud person at all, and dont mind if they think my place could do with a clean.i was thinking if they think so i hope they would offer to clean it for me. haha. if that happens and all my visitors clean my place for me, it would be a huge incentive to invite many more of them to visit me. haha.

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