ham and coleslaw

25 Dec

london 5.36pm 8C night dry christmas day tuesday 2018

my flat is a christmas free zone. so its very peaceful here. haha.

i have been reading a blog in myanmar, where it is christmas free too. it is not a native blogging, but an expat, someone who is there working for a charitable ngo, that is why there is a reference to it not being christmas. a local native wont even mention christmas. 

it is a rare country in these days of global influence by the west that is not inundated with christmas paraphenalia. perhaps north korea is another country that is not infected with christmas mania.

because it is a negative, not celebrating something, it is likely to be very difficult finding anyone blogging about it, so it might be difficult to find a blog celebrating a non -event. 

anyway, here in good ol london, i was able to get quite a lot of stuff that i seem to have a craving for , for some reason. things like coleslaw, and pork pie, and ham, and  all reduced yesterday, at the supermarkets. sainsburys was reducing a lot of ham slices, and suchlike preserved meats like that. it was christmas eve, and they are closed the next day, and so they have to get rid of it . it was the last hour before closing time.

Digital StillCamera

its a nice combination, coleslaw, ham, and mango chutney (the last i found in my fridge). washed down with a mug of hot tea.


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