just normal life really

4 Jan

london 10.10pm 4.1C night dry friday 2018

in the old days i would be out and about, going to the clubs, because this is friday, the start of the weekend. ah those days, i was living in the suburbs too, in balham, and still i would think nothing of driving into town. in those days i have a car, it was free street parking in central london after 6pm then, even at weekdays though i seldom go out late then. it is the weekend that we all look forward to, at least a gay person like me. the night scene then was really very good. i remember heaven the night club under the railway arches was in its heyday. then its main dance hall has very high ceilings, so that the lights playing in that vast space was really something to see and it was heaven to be dancing under it. also it was hi-energy music than, and it was such a lovely music to dance to.

now it is so different, i stay in when it gets dark, haha. i like the comforts of home now and lazy to go out. ah well, perhaps i might take the effort to get out clubbing again, who knows. in the meantime i guess i do what every old pensioner does, haha. watch tv. and what is more, on tv, a lot of old people programs too.

like now i am watching billy connolly in the arctic. i wonder if it is just me noticing it, or what… but there dont seem to be a lot of young presenters doing these travelling programs.

he is now asking where does he go to the bathroom, and asking us viewers whether that is the thing that we are asking too. haha. i am sure it is all very uncomfortable to do these travel programs  seeing that they are living in tents, and not in 4star hotels.

at least at this stage of the program there dont seem to be any wind, and  the sun is shining. but i can bet it will be stormy soon and it will be hell then. perhaps that is the reason why there are no young presenters doing this. they are not daft haha. they would rather join in the reality programs set in tropical islands. i was curious to know when this program was made, no mention of it in the tv guide, but i googled it and it seems it was made in 1996, that long ago, showing him spending a week there in the canadian arctic. he stayed on one spot all the whole week. it is a credit to his personality that he can carry it off , just talking to the camera and making it interesting. he looked young and fit, too, dont know how old he was at that time, maybe in his early 50s? but he was fit enough to go naked out there haha. it only showed a quick few seconds of filming with a star marker to cover him haha. now recently i read him saying that his life is slowly running away from him. he has parkinsons disease but he says he is not afraid. 

but usual programs on tv are full of murder and detective programs. can be a bit boring because there are so many of them.

most of the time we who dont live such exciting lives as billy connolly  spend our time doing our grocery shopping. haha. getting our excitement when we spot a small bargain. or when we noticed no price increases in our favourite food, or even that they are not sold out, or stopped being stocked. at least speaking for myself. haha.

i do enjoy grocery shopping though, so it is not a chore. and i do get small joy from coming across an unexpected bargain. and then there is the joy i get from finding a useful item in the recycling area. and also there is the joy of eating the foods i cook. rediscovering how old dishes that i have not made for a long time tastes so good and bringing back old memories of the times when i ate them.


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