nice find

5 Jan

london 6.58pm 6.2C night dry saturday 2018

i have wanted to find some trainers or at least one pair, and this morning i found it. quite an interesting find i think. a pair of adidas trainers part suede and part leather. so they might not be trainers at all, but street shoes. and they are hardly worn down … the heel is still unworn and the soles too retain their ribbed pattern. i sometimes wonder what is the story behind them… who and why did that person get rid of them? i am glad he did and for not putting it inside the bins, and my thanks to him for giving me a bit of joy today.

i wonder what else i will find.

at this time of year, when people are decluttering, a lot of things are being thrown out. so it can be a lot of fun finding what it is that is left there. 

2 Responses to “nice find”

  1. alifesgayventure Friday September 25, 2020 at 7:27 pm #

    25sept2020. i am still wearing it and it does not show much wear either. i love wearing it, even though it is a size 11 and i am a size 6. its so roomy and comfortable.


  1. use till it gets worn out | alifesgayventure - Saturday April 30, 2022

    […] searched for that post in my blog where i found the shoes, just to find out how long ago. link it was 5.1.2018. imagine 4 yrs ago, and the shoes are just as good now. they are the only pair of […]

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