hardly anyone out and about where i am

8 Jan

london 9.11pm 11.1C dry night monday  4.16pm 8.7C cloudy. sun set 4.10pm allready but still quite light tuesday 2018

it was quite a sunny day earlier, blue sky too.

i live in the centre of london but the streets around me are always empty of people. it is strange when i think about it. why are these streets not crowded? it makes me realise that even in a tourist city like london, once you are away from the tourist areas , you can be all alone and have the place to yourself.

i think it is true of any northern city, because the cold keeps people indoors. if london were in the tropics, i think its streets will be thronged with people, because it will be too hot to stay inside, and people will conduct their daily lives outside for everyone to see. thus giving the impression that the city is full of people.

here london has the same amount of population as bangkok, yet whenever i am in bangkok, i am just inundated with people , people everywhere. but in london, i get times like this where i dont see anyone walking along the pavements i pass by on the bus  to the short trip to the postoffice and to the library. it was about 1.30pm too when i would expect office workers to be out and about, but no. even the post office was almost empty. granted there are not many offices along the lupus st. if i had been around at the office rush hour, i would see more life in the streets as there will be lines of office workers walking to and from the station and bus stops to the offices in marsham st where the govt departments are. 

the cold keeps people indoors i think,(it’s not that cold really, but it does not encourage people to sit outdoors,especially when the sun is very weak) but the effect is that of a deserted city… like… where are the people??

i read in the papers that there is a lot of personal debt per household. about £15,000 the average unsecured debt (which exclude mortgages). it does not sound like a lot, but it means some are having more than that if u take into account that there might be plenty of people like me who dont have personal debt. and it is this month when all the bills start coming in. reading that article further, i note that it includes student debt. so the debt may not be that high if u take out the student debt. 

But the TUC’s data include student loans on top of personal loans, credit card, overdrafts, store cards and payday loans – while the Bank’s report, which was released last week, does not include student loans.

if that is the case than maybe the figures are halved. £7000 per household. which does not sound like a lot… haha. those individuals who have high debt will suffer, but it seems to me in the big view of things, it wont knock the economy sideways and cause a crisis.

frankly i think personal debt will not capsize the economy, no matter how large. it is the company debts , bank debts and hedge fund debts  and overspending of countries (that is huge debts generated by countries) that will capsize the economy and cause another stock market crash. 

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