modern life

9 Jan

london 4.05pm 6.2C cloudy so even though it is close to sunset 4.11pm you cannot see it. wednesday 2019

there is a exhibition going on showing new gadgets and new technology…its called CES. (no idea what it stands for but it is on at las vegas now and showcase new technology) added. its consumer electronic show.i see this video about how to solve parcels delivered to your door when you are not in. you could say it is a modern problem. what with online buying so popular it means more goods are being delivered and someone have to stay in to receive it. this one tries to solve it by having a special door fixed , so that means replacing your front door. sounds like a lot of bother. maybe the best alternative is just to leave it with the neighbours. haha. it means you may have to start making friends with the neighbours, haha.

the other modern development in our way of life is the airbnb phenomenon. now we can let out our flats to strangers, and that means a new set of problems to deal with. so far the estate where i live has tried to discourage it, by saying no airbnb lettings allowed, ie no short lets allowed. i think they still allow long lets but they dont mention it. it is the short lets that bother us neighbours. there have been some past airbnb renters who had been holding loud parties, that is why they have banned any more airbnb lets. i think if the renters dont hold parties, or keep it quiet, this problem wont happen, but it is difficult to control what they do when you let out the whole flat and you are not there to supervise them.

once a neighbour found a set of keys buried in the soil in the planter near the front entrance to the flats. we guessed it must be hidden there by a renter to let others in their group to access the front door and flat. we did not want to be nasty and removed the keys. haha. that would really spoil their holiday and we reburied the keys in the same place.

i have a feeling that some flats here still let them out, but now that we are in the winter season, the whole letting scene is on a hiatus, till next summer.

i notice the food delivery business is big now. that is another modern development… recently a courier rang my bell at midnight. when i went out to the hallway and open an upstairs window to find out who is ringing me at that hour, i found it was a courier for a takeaway food. so i ask him who he is wanting, it was for the flat one floor above me, so i ask him to ring that one. i dont know whether he press my bell by mistake. quite a lot of people have done it, because the numbers referring to which flat is not clear if u dont look carefully and the entrance is not well lit.

but it madae me think that they now have people willing to work such late hours to deliver food to us. what a life right? but it seems you can have food delivered at any time. such a comprehensive service isn’t it? anytime you feel the craving for some takeaway food, it is all at the snap of the fingers and online. but it means plenty of couriers have to work very late hours. though you could say at least there is work to be had, instead of the other side of the coin where u live in a place where there is no demand for work anywhere.

added 14.1.19 monday . i have just seen a tv program about the takeaway business, how deliveroo and others have set up box car kitchens in wasteground to cook for the restaurants, producing their dishes. it is clever, because the real restaurants have no time to do it , and also what’s more ,their in -house customers may suffer long waits for food, whilst they try to fulfill the online orders.

and these box car setups dont even have to conform to strict hygiene standards, and they try to side step the councils’ rules by saying they are new technology and new ways of doing business not covered by health standards.

so it looks like whenever anything new comes up in business, there will always be people trying to game the system, and make money from it. i suppose that is capitalism for you. haha. all these online companies taking orders for takeaway foods, are making money without having to bother with making the foods, with the attendant health concerns and food safety regulations. they will take their cut of the order, and hardly have any overheads. that is why these online businesses are so profitable. takeaway is so popular because u dont have to pay the restaurant service charges, unlike if u are a customer in the restaurant… service charge can increase the cost by  20%. and includes the price of the alcoholic drinks, which wont apply if u takeaway.

2 Responses to “modern life”

  1. MELewis Thursday January 10, 2019 at 12:44 pm #

    I’m glad we have no such food delivery services outside of the big cities in France. I would be very upset to be woken up by a courier!

    • alifesgayventure Thursday January 10, 2019 at 1:43 pm #

      i was awake when he rang , but you are right, i might not be so easy about it if i had been woken up by these people.but it might be argued that the service should not be criticised just because the courier is so careless about ringing the bell. but i am thinking a lot of people might welcome such a service, able to get food delivered anytime, at their convenience. some might think that is the epitome of a civilised city able to offer all services and to cater to anyone 24hrs a day. truly a city that never sleeps.

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