i found some comfy cushion seats

10 Jan

london 1.04pm 5C cloudy thursday 2019

i need to replace the cushion seats in my sofa bed which i have been using as a sofa to lie on. it was formed from an old foam mattress and is fraying and has lost all its bounce. but funnily enough i did not notice it until i found those sofa cushions and took off the cover and saw it. 

and last night i saw in the next courtyard someone had thrown out their old sofa set, it consists of two two- seater sofas, and i decided to take the sofa cushion seats, and the two soft cushions.

i had seen these two sofas earlier in the day, but it was broad daylight and they were placed just by the entrance to the block, so i was not sure if they were just being thrown away or awaiting delivery. but as i passed through that courtyard to return home last night, as i came back from my bargain hunt in the supermarket, i saw they have moved the sofas to a out- of- the- way area, so i figured they must be getting rid of it. i took two cushion seats at first, but when i got them back and fitted them on my own sofa bed, and sat on them, they are so firm and comfy that i decided to go back and take the other two… and the two throwback cushions while i was at it. haha . i felt a bit bad at breaking up the sofas, because without their cushions no one can use them as sofas. and i always prefer that they be left intact if possible so that other people can use them for their original purpose.

but this morning i passed by them again, and saw in the cold light of day that they are quite ordinary sofa frames and not anything special and when i saw the back cushions that i did not take, which were faded from the sun, i realise i was right to take what i could. i think the only nice thing about the cushions were that they were very firm to sit on. and not many like that degree of firmness perhaps. it is only me who like it that firm as they dont sag when i lie on them. and they really give me a lot of pleasure to sit on them. i love their firmness. 

the sofa frames  will be heavy to carry away, and would require our estate removal service to get rid of them,i think. i wonder that they did not take it to the nearby recycling area, but maybe it was too heavy. 



as usual when i find things, i look them up in google, just to see what sofas are like, and saw a huge variety , but i think i like the what they called ‘english style’ sofas. exactly what i have. they are the most comfy i think. 

i am beginning to get some idea of what i want from sofas. first off , the cushions, i want firm cushion seats. then they dont sag with long use and saggy cushions seats are really awful. but soft cushions are really nice to sit on, so i am wondering if i might miss that with my firm cushion seats. can you get soft cushions that dont sag with use? or is it two contradictory requirements that is not possible to fulfill. ah well, just as well i am not in the market for buying sofas. haha. as it is i got what i want and did not need to spend a penny on it.

this sofa bed that i am sitting on now is one that i found on the pavement, thrown away by someone; so that didn’t cost me a penny either. it must be a long time ago, because i cannot remember when i got it. it is the right length for me to sit on it and still be able to  accommodate my whole length. that is why i like it, even though it is quite old and the metal bed has got loose from its fixed screwed attachment to the frame. just as well we dont use it as a bed.

but now all is perfect for me to lie on it and watch tv. haha. 

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