caeser salad

11 Jan

london 9.37pm 8C dry night friday 2019

i think its very mild for this time of year. it says 8C but it is a bit cold outside. you will need to dress up warm, with beanie , hoodie, gloves and scarf round the neck. its nice and warm when i went out like that. 

i read that europe is having snow storms and cold weather, but it seems to have bypassed the uk. i think the gulf stream is diverting it away.

i was walking past my downstairs neighbours door, and i noticed it was open and she was fiddling with it. i asked her what is up, and she said the door is being rattled everytime the outside door of the block is opened. she said it rattles so loudly that it wakes her up, and she is putting blue tac in the door jamb to mute it. i am surprised that the door rattles , because mine is very firmly against the door jamb. but maybe the suction that is created when the block door is opened is very strong and hers being on the ground floor and so near the main entrance door may feel the force much more than mine which is on the first floor.

i went to the tesco at about 7.30pm today to see if there are any bargains. and found prepared caeser salad, reduced from £1.85 to 19p. so i bought 2 packs. and it turned out to be quite nice really. lots of romaine lettuce  pieces, and separate plastic sachets of croutons, and parmiagiano cheese, and a large plastic bag of dressing. i ate one pack allready and really enjoyed it. the pack has been packed with some air in it, i think it might be nitrogen, to keep the leaves fresh. it certainly did the trick. and at 19p each, it costs much less than if i were to make it myself. fortunate that i bought another pack, so i can look forward to enjoying it again.

hmm, i can see why people buy these ready made packs even though if they buy it at normal prices it is expensive. it is just very convenient, isn’t it? its the first time i seen it being reduced this low, but i shall buy it again if i see it reduced like this next time. it all depands on pot luck really as to whether i shall find it reduced like this again. 

added 13.1.19 got a photo of it today.

Digital StillCamera


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