i changed my electricity provider again.

12 Jan

london 6.39pm 9.9C dry night saturday 2019

i am really enjoying sitting on this cushion that i found. it is interesting that i was quite happy sitting on the old foam mattress that i was using. just goes to show if u dont know any better you can be satisfied with what is, until u get a better thing and then u realise how comfy the new thing is. one thing for sure, i wont want to go back to the old cushion.

i am also enjoying the adidas shoes that i found. they are so comfortable that after i used them once, i just wanted to wear them all the time, rather than the old reebok trainers. the funny thing is this… the reeboks are my size, in fact too close to my size so that they fit very closely. but the adidas shoes are size 11. can you imagine? i thought they will be too big, and had thought ok i shall just use them if i dont find any other closer to my size, which is 7. but surprisingly i find wearing these oversized shoes they are very comfortable. i thought my feet will be slipping and sliding inside them as they will be too roomy inside, but i think they are laced shoes, so i can adjust the tightness of the lace to fit my feet and so they sit very snugly inside, and there is so roomy inside that my feet do not feel cramped , unlike when i was wearing the reebok trainers. so it makes me feel that those who buy trainers might like to buy a size or two larger than their usual size, they might be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it can be. and i have a feeling that these adidas shoes are smaller than their printed size on the shoe. i dont think they are really size 11, that is why i think the previous owner may find his size 11 feet are too big for it and so it is so uncomfortable to wear he hardly wears them and finally throws it out. 

yesterday i changed to a new electricity provider. i joined the mirror newspaper which set up a group to find good deals with the power suppliers, and they sent me this one from utility point. they offer a 18month contract on a plan that gives me 13.354p/kwh, standing charge 15p/day, exit fee £30, so i decided to take them up on it.

the present one i am on has just started this month, they are more expensive, 20p/kwh, no standing charge. i hope they dont mind that i have only been with them a month and allready wanting to leave them. but if it saves me money, i will move. no loyalty nowadays to any one provider anymore. anyway with this new move, i will not be looking to move again as there is a £30 exit fee if i do . i think it is the best deal i can get anyway. in a way it is nice to not have to bother with this electricity thing nor think about it for another 18months. haha. 


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