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15 Jan

london 11.18am 8.6C cloudy tuesday 2019

such a mild weather we are having now in london. when i read that europe is experiencing snow storms, some even said the worst in 200yrs, (i dont believe that). yet here in uk it is so mild. they predict it will get colder to 1C, even 0C in london in the next few days, but i shall believe it when i see it.

yesterday i caught a tv program on the dave network, called world’s most dangerous roads and it featured a BBC program of angus deayton and mariella frostrup (2013) driving up madagascar’s eastern coast. it shows a very poor country. yet we have seen so many nature programs on its wild fauna and flora and how wonderful and unique they are. its biggest export is vanilla.  its all very well, but i was thinking i bet the people would wish it to be richer in jobs, infrastructure etc.

today i read this about how french speaking businesses are using it to outsource their services. it seems it has the fastest internet speed in africa, and faster than uk, france… and the french spoken by the locals is softer and more pleasing than that spoken in morocco, which is the currant leader for french speaking business processing outsourcing (BPO) . so it looks like this business is creating a wealthy middle class in madagascar. good luck to them.

india and the phillipines cater for the english speaking BPOs. it makes me realise there is a big market for other languages outsourcing… who caters to the german speaking businesses? and spanish ? maybe they rely on their own countrymen. 

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