more of that landline calls

17 Jan

london 9.44am 2.7C sunny morning thursday 2019

i had thought of going to upton park , in east london today to the fresh market there to buy veggies, but i got a call just now, on my landline , fortunately the caller said something about a hospital appt, so i did not hesitate to take the call.

my gp had referred me to have a scan. so i was expecting a call like this. though i was expecting a text message because that was what the gp told me they will do. and the appt was for today in the afternoon. later after the call, i thought i better make a note of their phone number,just in case, and so i type in 1471 on my phone, which would bring up the number of the caller, and guess what, i got the same number as yesterday’s call, the one which i ignored.

that number was registered to be from high wycombe , so not a london number, but then so many of these companies have outsourced their appointment bookings to out -of -town nowadays… 

it looked like they tried to call me yesterday to make the appt, and the man then who made the call, just gave his name and the name of the company. this time, the woman who made the call was more savvy, and said her name and  the reason for the call, which makes it easier for me to decide whether to take the call or not. so now i know who that call yesterday  was from.

ah well, i am glad i did not miss it again and also just as well i am awake to take that call when it came today. i thought they will text me on my mobile, but i guess it was such short notice they want to find out if i can make it. and it was not at the hospital, but at some place in kentish town.

i think from now on i should just accept any call on the landline, no matter who calls, because it is sometimes very difficult to hear what that person is saying when they identified themselves, or if they just give a name and a company name. better to just accept the call and deal with it. i think with the extra step they have to go through, to identify themselves any scammers would not proceed anyway so it is a good filter. 

added. 11.16pm i went to the appt. it turned out  it is an ultrasound scan. and they require me to drink 2pints of water an hour before the appt, (it was at 2.50pm) as they want my bladder to be full. so i was really uncomfortable and wanted badly to pee, when the time came. i was holding it in, and when my appt time came i went to the reception to ask them to call me quick. haha. and the receptionist said they dont really handle that dept. luckily whilst i was at the desk, a lady came out and shouted a name, and asked is anyone waiting for a scan? so i went to her and told her i need to get that appt at once, as i am desperate to pee. so i was immediately brought in and dealt with. haha. they will send the results to my gp and then i will be able to find out what the findings are. 



3 Responses to “more of that landline calls”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday January 17, 2019 at 1:55 pm #

    I still keep a landline as it is my security blanket. Haha. May all your scan rests be good. Take care.

  2. MELewis Friday January 18, 2019 at 6:52 am #

    Wow, you sure have to be flexible and available with a same-day appointment! I suppose it’s better than waiting too long though. Hope it goes well!

    • alifesgayventure Friday January 18, 2019 at 10:27 am #

      yes, it is unusual to get a same day appt. though if i had picked up their call the day before it would be a next day appt. but still, it is rather persistent of them to call me again. and it was only a day after my appt with my GP. so they are very quick to respond to his referral.

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