it costs a lot to call from my landline

20 Jan

london 10.21am 4C sunny (low this morning 1.6C) sunday 2019

i got a email from talktalk my landline provider, saying call charges are going up. 

calls to landlines will go up from 15p to 16p a minute. calls to mobile will go up from 15p to 18p per minute. our standard connection charge will go up from 20p to 23p. 

i never use my landline to make calls nowadays, i use my mobile instead as i have a pay as i go sim card from asda, and it is only about 8p a minute to make calls (no difference in cost whether u call a landline or mobile) and 4p for text. whereas if i use my landline each call will cost me at least 35p now and 39p from feb. it is no wonder everyone has stopped calling from their landlines.

i think if not for the phone companies linking their broadband packages to the landline, we will all have abandoned our landline phones. in fact i remember reading that BT makes it compulsory for all their broadband packages to include line rental. 

nowadays you can get internet without a landline. and it is faster too. i have to admit for me there is an additional factor in keeping my landline … nostalgia really. it is a link to the past. it gives people information of where you live. the first 4 digits gives what borough you are in. it also seems like a more permanent link to my home. one that wont change, unlike a mobile , where it is so easy to change your mobile number whenever u get a new sim card.

you can ask them to transfer your old number of course to the new sim card, but it is a bit of a bother.

but i think if it is cheaper to get my broadband without a landline connection, and if it is faster too, i think i will eventually abandon my landline too. it looks like a landline is doomed and will be another old thing consigned to history.

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