coffee in simit sarayi

23 Jan

london 1.12pm 3C cloudy wednesday 2019

it seemed it snowed in london yesterday. not where i live, but it seems out in the suburbs. and these pictures shows how light the snowfall was. i guess by now the snow would have all melted. 

6.55pm 2.7C dry night

it hadn’t changed much in temperature from earlier today. there was not much wind, which makes it very pleasant to be out , it was not cold , if u dress warmly, but without the wind chill factor  you dont feel it cold.

i was out today to chelsea, first day joining the circuit training class since my foot fracture. i was at a meetup with my other friend ian, yesterday at the ageuk canteen in tavistock square, and he reminded me that i should be taking more exercise that is why i decided to start going to the circuit class today… and then everyday from now on i shall do the exercises at home, first thing in the morning, rather than get online straight away…

there were 4 of us,at the circuit class;  and david my friend who lives in brixton was there too and he said he wants to give me a treat to a coffee afterwards.  i chose to go to simit sarayi, in chelsea, and it was a very nice place to chitchat.

we both have cappucinno, and when it came time to pay at the end, i was real surprised that it came to £2.50 each. that is very reasonable for a cafe where u can loiter for as long as u like, and they have nice cushioned seats too, instead of just hard wooden chairs. and they close at 9pm too, so we dont get this feeling of being rushed. they dont have the menu prices listed on the board above the counter, so i asked why is that and the cashier pointed to a stack of menu cards near her. well we were allready on the way out after paying so i did not linger to look at all the things they have but it would be worth a look another time.

the other coffee shops nearer the chelsea sports centre close at about 5pm or 6pm and because only the owner was there minding the store, he does not make very good cappucinno. so that our first time we went there was the last time.

the days are lightening, because when we got out of the chelsea sports centre after our shower, it was still very light. sunset was at 4.33pm so we must have come out before that. nice to still have it so light when we get out. 

we were chatting about the crime punishment system in the uk, and comparing it with the singapore system. there is news of that ex-public-schoolboy found guilty in singapore of having drugs, and being sentenced to 20 yrs and 24strokes of the cane. people say it is barbaric, but i cant help thinking well here you have young kids being stabbed and killed all over london , drug related gang warfare . do u prefer that? , as the price of the liberal system here so that you can pride yourself on being civilised… whilst  the kids get killed continue to get killed. i think i prefer the singapore system. dont you? 

added 24.1.19. its interesting that they describe him in the headlines as a schoolboy, but this morning i find he is 29yrs old. hardly a school boy. and he was lucky not to get the death penalty, because the amount of drugs he had on him was less than a certain number. 

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