falling into the clutches of new technology

24 Jan

london 8.24pm 5.6C dry night thursday 2019

our tv is not a smart tv, just a HD one, and so we connect it to the internet via a freeview box, that enables us to get the freeview channels. if we got a smart tv, we wont need that freeview box.

but it seems the smart tv acts like a computer and has its own apps, and here is where the manufacterer can put in their own apps that you cannot delete. i read about this in this article here.(it is a link to the wordpress reader that contains that article) or u can read it via the atlantic website. so not only do this smart tv steal your viewing data and push ads to you, but also show you apps that they install inside which u cannot delete. 

hmm, it seems smart tvs are not that good. better to just buy a HD tv, and use a set-top box that will connect you to the broadband channels.

at the beginning, when we first bought the HD tv, we bought the freeview box ourselves, but later we were given a free one by the talktalk company when we subscribed to their telephone and broadband package. 

so it looks like people should be aware  that if u buy a HD tv and think you can get all that high definition pictures on your screen, they dont realise that  it wont happen if u are not connected to the internet…if u use an aerial to get your free channels, you wont be able to see them in high definition.

you will have to subscribe to a broadband package, otherwise u wont be able to get the internet in your house or flat.

it shows that once you buy the first step in a  new technology, you find you have to buy another just to make it work, and then another and another …it is just making you spend money.

just buying the hd tv is no use if u are not also connected to the internet. we dont subscribe to the sports channels or sky network, or netflix or the host of other pay as you see tv. but others might be drawn into it, and then end up paying to get those extra channels. it means it just leads u further and further into their web like a spider enticing you into their clutches. 

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