be stoic

26 Jan

london 7.07pm 8.4C rain saturday 2018

it is quite heavy rain. i had intended to go to the tesco to see if there are any bargains, but this rain is making me cancel that trip. i think a lot of people too must be deterred from going out tonight.

what about people going out to eat in the restaurants? they too must have second thoughts surely. unless of course they have arranged to meet with friends, in which case they may have no choice but to go.

promising to meet up with friends and going somewhere, is always a sure guarantee of you spending money. for those who want to save, it must mean not being sociable and taking themselves off the scene. i can see why that must make people feel left out and lonely too. and depressed.

you have to be a person who likes your own company, or have lots of things that can occupy your time without need for other people. and there are not many people like that. 

and other things can make a person depressed too. just reading the news can be depressing. that is why u must not read the news too much, nor take it to heart. there are things there that you as a person dont have any say, or influence. so that is where being stoic and accepting what you cannot change is a good attitude to take. otherwise you will feel despair.

even watching tv can make you depressed. i am thinking of what i shall be seeing in a few minutes, ( i would have missed it if i had been able to go out and go shopping as i had intended) a tv program called ‘chris packham in search of the lost girl’.

he made a program a long time ago 20 yrs ago in 1998 in sumatra where he interviewed a girl from a jungle tribe, now he wants to go back and try to trace her, but it seems her tribe has been affected by modern life destroying the lives of these people. it sounds real depressing. and a all too common outcome of jungle tribes being destroyed when they are discovered by so called civilisation. perhaps it is just life. things changing and being in flux. and it might not be all bad… but it is what it is. and being stoic helps. 

added. sun 27.1.19 i have seen the program. it seems he first met the group when they crossed the road in front of his car when he was there making a tv program. he took a picture of the little girl about 7 or 8yrs old and is trying to find her again after 20yrs. he found out that 2yrs after they met, her family were killled and she was not with them, having been adopted and that was how she survived and now have 3 little girls of her own. the area has changed a lot, the jungle replaced by oil palm plantations. and the town grown big and bustling. the palm oil industry has bought money into that area, so u could say if not for palm oil there the place would be quiet and rural, with no thriving businesses. 

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