fish balls

28 Jan

london 11.01pm 2.7C dry (though i had a look at morden, south london and it is -2C there now) monday 2019

i was reading a blog of someone who lives in lewisham, and she said she feels cold tonight. it is about -1.3C there , but i was thinking her flat must be badly insulated, because by rights if she have her heating on , she should not be feeling the cold. i dont feel the cold, and my flat have no heating. the thermometer says 18C. so it is no wonder i dont feel cold. ever since my upstairs neighbour put down carpets on their floor, my flat have been warm.   i am getting second hand heat from downstairs flat. i can bet you her ceiling is not insulated, that she do not have corniches in her ceiling. or her upstairs neighbour have no carpets on the floor.

it is winter now, and i expect it to be cold outside of course. 

now that chinese new year is coming, (on 5 feb) i have been thinking of eating fish balls, in hot noodle soup, which would be perfect to fight off the cold weather. so i shall be going to chinatown tomorrow to buy some. fish balls immediately brings up instant joy of chinese food , i think. they epitomise chinese food in my way of thinking. 


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