fish balls are really delicious

29 Jan

london 5.44pm 5.7C dark now dry, tuesday 2019

i went to chinatown to buy the fish balls. it was the frozen ones, i bought. as they are cheaper, £1.95for 200mg. (used to be £1.65 but it must be quite some time ago, as i have not bought fish balls for a long time). the fresh ones are £2.75 for 200mg. it came as quite a shock when i saw the price. it just goes to show i am a bit behind in my keeping up with the prices.

frozen fish balls are just as delicious with the added advantage that u dont have to eat them all at once, but can split them up to keep for another day in the freezer. 

8.04pm 2.7C rain

simon came  home and saw me eating the fish balls in a soup and he too got hungry. i used up about half, 6 balls, and there were only 4 left in the freezer, which he used together with some frozen fish. and with the extra flat noodles that i cooked, and the bean sprouts that i bought he was able to make a hot noodle dish out of it.

but i have no more fish balls now, so i will have to stock up with another trip to chinatown. this reminds me of another thing, that simon likes them, and so i always end up with no fish balls in the freezer, even if i bought a lot of packs of them, as he uses the whole pack at one go. i find 5 or at most 6 fish balls are enough for me in one dish. 

the fish balls are delicious, i have forgotten how delicious they are. it is a unique sensation when u bite into one. the sponginess and texture and taste of it is just indescribable and so nice to eat. and the balls expand when u cook them, so that even though in their frozen state it looks small, they expand in the hot soup. this is one example of a processed food that is much nicer than the original fish. i think because it is saltier, than fish fillets. i use frozen fish fillets in the past, when i make a hot noodle soup and it is not as nice as the fish balls.


2 Responses to “fish balls are really delicious”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday January 30, 2019 at 1:00 pm #

    Our local fishballs have also gone up in price and being factory made it does taste too full of the nice fish flavors. More flour! The handmade ones are almost $4 a pack of 10 balls made from good fish “sai tor”

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday January 30, 2019 at 1:11 pm #

      i know there is not a lot of fish in my fish balls. they are factory made. the flour makes it light and fluffy, so it is necessary, and still keep some of its firm texture. my mother used to make her own fish balls, it is a lot of work and hers are very dense and firm. both types of fish balls are nice to eat, though i think nowadays we are so used to the factory -made balls most people have never tasted home made fish balls. and so they have come to like it fluffy and easy to bite into.

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