get hot by eating noodle soups

31 Jan

london 3pm 4.5C cloudy thursday 2019


last day of january today. we are still in winter, but maybe the days are lengthening now and soon we shall have spring. the weather has got colder , not that it is noticeable in the flat. even when i did go out it did not feel that cold. it was about 1C then. but when i have got my woolly hat on and gloves and scarf, i dont feel the cold at all.

i went to lidl to buy their reduced savoy cabbage.49p. it was quite a pleasant trip there by bus, sun was shining then. i think the cold weather makes me think of food. somehow, i get hungry when the weather is cold.

i think it is because the body knows that eating will heat the body up very efficiently.

there was an article in the paper about what food will heat you up, eating oats, it says is one way. and drinking hot soup. but it failed to mention what i find is a very surefire way to warm up, eat hot noodle soup the chinese way. guaranteed to make you hot real quick.

i suppose eating meat also will make you warm. say eating a hot stew.

today i was surprised to see google doing a doodle of nasi lemak. why it does it at this time of year for us in the uk, (if they do it for users in that might be understandable); i have no idea, and it was a very extensive doodle, which starts a long cartoon when u hit the start button. though it looks nothing like nasi lemak, haha. still it makes me want to eat nasi lemak.

making the coconut rice is easy… and if i got dried ikan bilis, it would be real easy to make the sambal belachan ikan bilis to go with it. but it is easy to make a substitute, like make chili sambal.

ah well, it is nostalgic, eating nasi lemak, as it brings back memories of eating the banana leaf wrapped nasi lemak that they put out on the table at the kopitiam, for people to take and eat with their kopi in the morning. now chinese new year is coming, my thoughts tend to veer towards food. so i think it is all part of the cold weather making me think of food.

simon is cooking a curry, made from a bottle of shop bought curry sauce. he has left the stove on whilst he had gone out… must have wanted an ingredient to go with the curry… and when the door bell rang i thought it was him come back and too lazy to use his key, but it turned out to be a delivery pizza man. i went out thinking it was simon, and saw this pizza man coming up the stairs so i said i dont remember ordering a pizza, and he said it was number 15, and he said he pressed the wrong button and i told him dont do it again. and he said he wont. ah well, just as well it is not midnight, though these people have been pressing my bell then too.

now i am wondering if i should switch that stove off, but i hear simon coming back, so that is ok then. hope the curry is not burnt. 

it is not really wise to leave the stove on whilst you go out… as you dont know how long you will be, or what might happen to delay you coming back. but maybe he knows i am in, even if he did not tell me to keep an eye on it. but the smell of it is making me hungry again. haha. i have cooked some rice earlier, so i will use that to eat the sauce. he put in pork slices so it was pork curry.

added 6.20pm. my wok in which he cooked the sauce was a bit burnt, but i was able to scour it off. he told me he thought he had switched it off, when he went out. so it was a mistake on his part. it was an induction stove, and it seemed to have set itself to 1, when he thought he had switched it off. 


2 Responses to “get hot by eating noodle soups”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday February 1, 2019 at 6:52 am #

    You are right to say never leave stove on when one goes out. Luckily it set self to 1. Good to have induction stove. Gas would be bad. Luckily you were home.

    • alifesgayventure Friday February 1, 2019 at 10:12 am #

      one thing i notice about induction hob, it tends to burn the food easily, and the lowest setting 1 is still very high, unlike my electric rings of my electric hob on my electric oven, where i can put it to the lowest setting and it can simmer for a long time and not burn the bottom of the pan.

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