nice blue sky

3 Feb

london 1.48pm 5.6C sunny (lowest was -0.2C at about 8am) sunday 2019

Digital StillCamera

the view through the paddington library window at the georgian building opposite, with its blocked out windows to avoid the window tax when i was there earlier this morning. very nice blue sky above and still like that now wehn i look out of my flat. 

my camera actually went weird at first when i was in the library, and wanted to take a picture of the view outside the window. it showed me a washed out picture of the scene. it was only later when i tried it again that it seem to correct itself. i did not do anything to the camera to correct it. just switched it off and later switched it on again.

i suppose i shall have to buy a new camera in future. but i am not really that obsessed with taking photos , so as long as it still works, it is ok with me.

today’s sunday telegraph which i got from the library mentioned that today they have to raise the price of the paper to £2.20. but there is really nothing in the papers , the sunday times included, that interested me. there are no news analysis at all in the papers nowadays jsut straight forward reporting of events. and most of it we can get online from other sources. in the past it was the news analysis and what it means, and the quality of the writing that make a newspaper stand out from its competition. 





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