free breakfast

7 Feb

london 11.46am 8.9C sunny thursday 2019

this morning i happen to wake up at about 8am so decided to go to that free breakfast place . it is in kingsly court, just off carnaby st. it’s a nice enclosed courtyard that used to be the courtyard of flats but now made into a commercial space, lined with restaurants.

considering it was a free breakfast i was surprised that it was not that busy… i had the full english (£11 usually) consisting of a sausage, two eggs,2 shitake mushrooms, 2rashes of bacon, a hashbrown grit and two slices of baguette  bread and a side small container of baked beans( too small, would like more baked beans really); and a cappuccino and water. i was given the choice of ketchup or mayonnaise, and made the mistake of chosing the latter. 

i was sat at the bar, but there were a lot of room at the tables. i was there before 9am, which i think must be peak hour, as most people will start work at 9am. the place had a comfortable number of customers then, but after that time, the place started emptying…

i was hoping that they will have eggs benedict, as it is something that i would find difficult to make at home, but no, the menu was just the usual. 

it was interesting that i find their full english quite dry… even the one cooked tomato they gave was very dry, instead of full of juice. i wonder why really because in the past all the full english breakfast i have tried are just full of juice, either from the fat from the sausage, or from the tomatoes or from the baked beans which they liberally pour on the plate.

maybe they are trying to make it healthy by having very lean sausage. that sausage is so lean it was very dry. what do u think? i myself dont like very lean sausages, they might be healthy, but they dont have that yummy factor that fat gives to food. 

these things you are not supposed to eat everyday, so it is ok to have fat. i think it is ok to have fatty food , as long as u dont eat them often. we eat a full breakfast once a week traditionally, on a weekend. though nowadays people are not even doing that anymore. i would think it very difficult to be eating a full english breakfast everyday.

i have noticed that every place that gives free breakfast are not inundated with a long queue of people wanting to take up the offer. i wonder why? 

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