lots of bagel pizza free

9 Feb

london 2.23pm

Digital StillCamera

this is the free pizza bagel that we had, this morning . a free offer by the bagel pizza company called mulberry street and they were in the queensway road area in bayswater. i thought they are giving away only a slice each, but no, it is a whole pizza like the one in the picture for each person. we 4 shared the pizza, and because it had such a lot of dough, it was very filling and in the end we could not finish off 4 of those pizzas. they did not come all 4 at once of course,  so steve and his wife tookaway one pizza. the other guy and myself did not want to takeaway the 4th. i was so full i just dont want to eat any more. 

i was saying earlier whilst waiting in the queue with steve and his wife, that i had two minds about turning up to this freebie, as i thought they will only give us one slice of pizza and it would be so small, leaving us craving for another… so it  might not be worth the  bother to come and do all that queueing for one slice of pizza. that was what happened in the past when i go to these kind of freebies, involving pizza… (though there was a notable exception, a freebie by franco manca, near kings cross when they gave each of us a whole sourdough pizza with toppings of our choice to eat in. that was really memorable… because the toppings were so good).

but steve said they are actually giving away a whole pizza to each person. and now i have to eat my words as it were, being given so much pizza that we could not finish it. in the end i just managed to finish one and a half slices. here is the case of too much dough so it fills you up. and the toppings were the same for all the pizza, so that it got kind of monotonous after a bit. 

the first one we finished as we cut it into 4 slices and each took a slice, they were huge slices. but the next one, i cut my share into two, as i was so full up with all that dough in the pizza. the others have huge appetites, because they ate all their slices, dough and all. whilst i left a lot of the dough on the plate in the final smaller slice i had. and steve and wife liked it so much he asked for them to pack  one big pizza to takeaway. and have to carry it flat side up all the way home because with pizza you cannot just turn it sideways and put it under your arm, can you? haha.

i think i now understand why the neapolitan pizza is a thin pizza. it really is better, so u can enjoy the toppings, instead of just eating lots of dough. so this one i think it would be better and more enjoyable if they half the amount of dough in the pizza. but that is only my opinion. it might be others like the dough so much they will like this one. 

it was called a bagel pizza and we were joking does it mean it comes with a hole in the middle, and sure enough this one actually have a whole in the middle. its a small hole though so u cannot see it in the picture. 



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