such a nice cny buffet dinner in a casino and free too.

10 Feb

london 10.13pm 5.6C dry sunday 2019

this morning was the chinese new year do in chinatown and trafalgar square. they have a parade earlier, but it was raining so i did not go then.  i went at about 12pm, and it was crowded in the square, and they were restricting people from going in, at least that is what i thought. they were making an entrance and exit gateway and that deters me from finding out whether i could get in. normally i would be interested in the grocery shops selling chinese food, whcih in the past used to set up shop inside there. but this time i did not go in to find out; instead i went on to chinatown but when i approach the entrance to chinatown it looked crowded, so i just turned tail and decided to go to the virgin lounge instead.

i did not stay long at the lounge, as i did not find any newspapers to read, the coffee machine upstairs was out of order,though i preferred the chocolate that you could just add hot water to, which was working, and there was some milk in the fridge.   two ladies who sat near me had coffee and when i asked them where they got it, they said they went downstairs and used the machine downstairs. when i went downstairs, earlier, i saw a film was showing and it was dark. and not easy to see if the machine there was working or not.

later tonight, at about 6.30pm i went to the casino in queensway, that steve told me about when we met for the free pizza offer on saturday. lucky he told me of it, because i did not know of it. and it is a really good buffet , all the meat dishes,(duck, chicken, beef, roast pork) were there, and stuffed tau foo and fish, prawns, and chinese brocolli veg. i had a 2nd helping and was unable to finish it, so i pack it to bring back, as i did not like to leave it on the plate to be thrown away. i dont like wasting food. 

they even got a lion dance , a two man ‘baby’ lion dancing to loud music and frolicking with a single dancer teasing it. weaving in and out of the gambling tables and machines.

it is rather nice of them to give this free food .  an elderly couple were set at my table later, and they told me they did not know of it, they are regulars at the casino, goes there  for dinner and did not know of this free buffet tonight. they said there was no announcement to the players in the gaming room about it. perhaps those gamers are not interested anyway in eating… haha. 

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