12 Feb

london 8.50pm 9.7C dry tuesday 2019

i was thinking of roast chicken, that i might go tomorrow to buy one and roast it, when i smelled simon cooking something in the kitchen and when i went there i see a roast chicken that he had just taken out of the oven. so i had a roast chicken after all. with mash potatoes and boiled cabbage, and yorkshire pudding (which is just dough roasted in the oven). so that is like instant wish fulfillment. 

the day itself is quite a ordinary day. i went to the library as usual, to read the papers, but it is a bit of pot luck whether i can get the papers. today, i could not find the times, nor the telegraph. and i could not see anyone reading it. though it is quite difficult to know what they are reading, whether it is today’s papers or old papers from some other day. anyway i am nowadays very relaxed about it , and if i cannot read it , i am ok with it.

the news is not that interesting anymore, what with it being filled with brexit news or lack of it. everyone is speculating as to what will happen. no one really knows . like today i read that the tulip growers in amsterdam are warning their business will be wiped out if there is a no-deal as it seems they sell 80% to the british. i cannot see how that is possible, as trade will still go on. unless they are worried that costs will go up… they all seem to expect that to happen. though the british have said they will not impose any tariff on goods coming in from EU. and if the EU will not impose a punitive tariff , (just to punish the british) then trade will go on as usual. 

i can understand the fishermen in europe might be worried about getting access to british waters and fish there if there is a no deal brexit, though i would not be surprised if they continue to fish illegally, as the british have no navy to police  them in the middle of the sea.

whatever happens i guess the reality  is that after we leave,  if any problems crop up, they can sort it all out then.

i wonder if smuggling of goods might return. esp across the irish border. if the EU impose a WTO tax on goods from uk, there will be an incentive to smuggle british goods into ireland and escape the tax. and it could be the gateway to importing these goods into the rest of the EU. but wait, all goods have to go through the uk to get to dover and then cross to the EU, so that will put a stop to smuggling into the EU… unless they open up a new route across the sea direct from ireland to europe. and what about duty free… will it come back again and make day trips across to europe to buy liquour more popular or will it stop it entirely as not being worth it anymore. hard to say, but i am sure lots of people will be bending their minds to find loopholes and tax advantages across the border and making money out of it.

but whatever , we who live here may not notice much difference esp people like me, who dont buy much EU stuff, nor holiday there.  i buy local produce, and bargain priced reductions and food in season. i am thinking what EU stuff i may have bought without knowing it is from the EU, but cannot think of any at the moment. i guess i shall find out after we leave and notice the prices in the supermarket.

i wonder if rice will go down in price, which it should, once we leave, as we  dont have to tax them so much because of the EU imposed tax on all non EU products from other countries. i hope there will be widespread reduction in prices in chinatown on all those overseas foodstuffs from china , s.e.asia. etc. 

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