an ordinary day

19 Feb

london 5.08pm 10.6C sunny (sunrise 7.07am sunset 5.22pm)  tuesday 2019

its a lovely day today, so sunny that i thought i should go out to enjoy it, and decided to go get some dried noodles from asda. they are like instant noodles, but much nicer and cost less too. 59p for 250mg.

and today i have found myself succumbing to the marketting ploy  where the marketting ploy to have  cheaper stuff  for sale so it can bring in the customers and when they are in there, they get enticed to buy more. and that happened to me. i did not intend to buy rice, or vegetable oil, but they have a reduced price 5kg of himalaya basmati rice for £5.50. (usually i would only buy when it is £5, but i am running on my last bag of rice so i thought i better get some more).

and they have 5liters of vegetable oil for £4.50. not as good a bargain as the last time i bought it at £3.50 for 5litres in april in tesco, but that was a rather unusual low price.

anyway we are running out of veg oil, usually simon buys 1 litre at a time, and they are more expensive if u do that. these come to 90p/litre. and i ended up buying them, even though they are heavy and i did not bring my shopping wheelie bag with me.

they are quite bearable to carry, if i split them up into two bags and carry one in each hand. thank goodness for the buses, as they take me from door to door without too much walking. but this is what i mean when i say it is a good marketting ploy to offer reduced price for some items, entice bargain hunters like me to go there and then hope that they buy more stuff whilst they are there. it seems to have worked on me today.

i had wanted to go to lidls next door to buy their oats, but got sidetracked to buy asda’s oats instead. they cost the same 75p for 1kg, and what with all that heavy shopping i did not fancy walking to the lidls next door just to buy oats. i had wanted to buy two packs but settled on buying just one, because it will be too heavy to carry back what with the heavy rice and veg oil to carry.

(tesco sells these cheaper oats too for the same price but for some reason, tesco oats dont seem to cook to a nice smooth consistency in my microwave. that is why i wanted to buy the oats from lidls or asda instead of tesco, even though tesco is much nearer me actually).

i am really glad that so many of the supermarkets are still selling oats at that price. i tend to eat a lot of oats for breakfast, and sometimes even other times when i want to eat something but too lazy to do elaborate meals or too lazy to thaw out and reheat frozen food that i have stored in the freezer.

when i feel hungry they are great to satisfy hunger, as well as make me regular, and stop constipation. 


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